Solar Powered Stirling Engine

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This a solar powered stirling engine that uses a fresnel lens to concantrate the sun and produce power. Unfortunately the lens is sosmall that it can’t produce any useful amounts of electricity, so it’s just for demonstrating purposes.

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How to reduce your carbon footprint (carbon emissions) at home

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You might think only factories emit pollution, but your home is guilty too. Patty Kim, from National Geographic’s The Green Guide, shows you how to reduce your carbon footprint at home, and save money while you’re helping to save the planet.

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Solar Stirling Electric Generator – Free Green Energy For Home Use

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is a revolutionary invention that uses the sun to create free electricity. And no, we are not talking about the solar panel. This is a different solar energy generator called the Stirling Plant, it is a system that harnesses up to 12x more energy than the expensive solar photovoltaic energy systems. The best part about it, it is much cheaper to build than regular solar panels, and it is easy to build, meaning you do not have to have any technical skills prior to building it. The Solar Stirling Plant harnesses the power of the sun, thus it produces free and clean renewable energy and it works fully off the grid. This is a new method of generating free energy. The concept of the Solar Stirling Plant has been researched for quite a while, and now after the we perfected the design and simplified it to a point that everybody can design it, we decided to make it available to the public. The Solar Stirling Plant operates by using a parabolic reflector dishes to gather all the sun rays which are focused and concentrated into one single spot – wich is in focus of the parabolic dish, where the stirling engine will be placed. When the sun rays are focused into one spot on which the solar stirling plant is located, the temperature difference makes the engine rotate at a fast pace and create massive amounts of energy, unseen by other renewable energy devices such as solar panels or wind turbines. As a source of heat the Solar Stirling Plant uses parabolic reflector dishes to gather all the sun rays which are focused and concentrated in one spot – in focus of the parabolic dish, where the stirling engine will be placed. Instead of trying to generate power from the scattered sun rays like the basic solar panel does, by focusing the rays onto the Solar Stirling plant it is possible to generate 12 times as much energy than the regular solar panels, and generate enough energy to significantly reduce your power bill. A Device Which Is Cheaper And Vastly Superior To Regular Solar Panels For Generating Your Own Free Energy And Becoming Fully Independent From The Greedy Power Companies. The demand for electricity is never ending, and with the prices of electricity rising each day, the monopoly of the power companies continues to drain money from our pockets. Make no mistake the situation will get much worse, and the average Joes like us are the ones that suffer the most. Fortunately, now there is a viable alternative that allows us to take immediate action, and generate our own electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. Additional benefits of the Solar Stirling Plant are: The system is easy to build and even a person with zero technical knowledge can construct it. Works in all conditions, regardless of the temperature outdoors, and generates energy even in cloudy weather. It can eliminate your power bill up to 50% when implemented on smaller scale, and when implemented on larger scale it will eliminate it completely and you can even sell the electricity to the power companies. There is no need of any special tools, and the material needed to build it can be obtained anywhere in the world. The building process is simplified with easy-to-follow steps. Even a complete novice would be able to follow them. Several how to pictures and diagrams have been included to make the building process even easier. Up to 10 times more efficient than regular solar panels. Runs quietly and it is eco-friendly, it does not pollute the environment. The Solar Stirling Plant can be easy implemented and connected onto your existing power grid in your household, One of our main priority was making the device easy to build, so that everyone can implement in regardless of technical knowledge and location.
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